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Rejuvenate Programme

If you are ready for life changing results then this is my most comprehensive nutrition programme that will totally empower you to achieve your desired optimum health, whether that is weightloss, increased energy, improving sleep, managing stress or reducing menopause symptoms.  This is suitable for clients who know they need to receive more support, accountability, motivational coaching and dedicated time from me to achieve lasting results as they implement their new healthy habits.  You will complete the Rejuvenate Programme feeling totally confident in the knowledge that you have all the tools you need to sustain these new habits for a lifetime! You will have reached your happy weight , your stress levels will have totally reduced,  you will be sleeping soundly, you will now be putting time aside for self-care, you will have great energy, you will be trying new foods and recipes, you will have eliminated cravings, you will be thinking clearer.

This plan includes:

  • Initial in depth 70 minute consultation - to include a health and lifestyle assessment and analysis to consider medical history, family history, lifestyle and stress levels

  • 11 x 40 minute follow up health coaching consultations

  • In person, video or phone consultations

  • Weekly food diary review

  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan to fit into your life

  • Seasonal recipes and shopping lists

  • Weekly health coaching for motivation, support and accountability

  • Mindset techniques

  • Stress management tools

  • Selfcare focus

  • Additional coaching to support existing barriers to change 

  • Toolbox of information to make new habits last

  • Nutrition success formula booklet 

  • Extra support outside of consultation hours

Price €895

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