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Make the rest of your life, the best

"Following a long illness I had lost a lot of weight and on recovery, I was finding it really hard to gain and maintain a healthy weight again. I really didn't think of working with a nutritionist until someone suggested to me that I speak with Lisa. After one consultation I knew that she could help me, not only with my weight, but with aspects of my life that I didn't realise were being negatively impacted by my eating patterns. Lisa is so easy to get along with. She's friendly and understanding, but most importantly she is non judgemental and supportive. So many aspects of my life have changed for the better. I am healthier, I am maintaining my ideal weight, I eat better, I sleep better and overall I just feel better.! I'm really glad that I did this for me, it was so much easier than I thought it would be. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking to make some positive lifelong changes."

Niki O'Shea

After a stressful few months I was referred to Lisa through a friend that highly recommended her Nutritional services. I was sleep deprived, stressed, gaining weight and literally running on empty. Lisa is so supportive and informative. She devised personally tailored meal plans and recipes full of nutrients and gave huge advice on different ways to control stress and bring hormones under control in a natural way. She was so understanding, not judgemental and always accessible to reach at all times throughout my journey. My wellbeing has improved greatly and has helped me lead a healthier and happier lifestyle all thanks to Lisa.


I took an 8 week programme with Lisa and learnt so much in that time in relation to eating habits and eating the right foods together as well as Lisa helping me with a daily routine which incorporated time for my well being and not 100 % work related as it had been.

Lisa is a very good listener and can then help you work a program that suits you.

Eating the right combinations cut out the lows I would get in the afternoons at work where I would end up feeling tired.

Now from eating the right combinations I have energy throughout the day and I am much happier with my wellbeing. I have been getting comments of how relaxed and well I am looking instead of looking tired and stressed.

 Thank you Lisa!

Eleanor Bourke

I needed to prioritise myself. Under Lisa's gentle guidance, I was inspired to develop new habits and ditch any old ones that were holding me back. I enjoy my daily walks, drink lots of water, sleep better and am in a much lighter frame of mind. I feel the knowledge that Lisa has shared with me is like the bumpers in bowling, keeping me on the right track and helping me not fall into the gutters. 

Susan F

I took part in Lisa’s sugar free challenge and found it very beneficial. Lots of good advice and support from Lisa as well as some useful tips for healthy snack alternatives to stop you reaching for the cookie jar! Staying off sugar for a week really helped to reduce my cravings for something sweet and generally to be more conscious about keeping track of the sugar that I consume. Lisa is great to work with and I would highly recommend her.  Thanks Lisa! 

I needed goals to aim for and the Sugar Challenge was perfect for me. Lisa not only set daily goals but also educated and inspired me along the way. I found my habits changing and I am now much more aware of my choices (good and bad). It was great having a daily check in and as it was on FaceBook, it was very flexible and available when I was ready to read it. I slept better, found I was happier in myself and I learnt about nutrition... now I just need to keep trying to put it into practice. Thank you Lisa :)

I joined Lisa’s Sugar Free Challange Facebook Group, the aim of which was to support us sugar addicts reduce our consumption. Not only was it helpful to see I was not the only one struggling but I also felt Lisa was on “speed dial”. Any participant query was answered almost immediately. There was absolutely no judgement. All of us felt able to be honest about slip ups and Lisa was there with encouragement, motivation and really good advice for sugar swaps, recipes etc.

Together we lifted each other up. I would thoroughly recommend Lisa if you are looking to improve your health and kick the bad habits!


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