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I know from experience the best way to get results with clients is by working over a period of time rather than a one-off consultation which is unlikely to help you in sustaining long lasting change.  Forming new healthy habits takes time and with the right level of support, coaching and tools you will be on the right path to living that life that is rightfully yours.

So now that you’ve made it this far, its time to explore which of my programmes will best suit your requirements.  Each programme offers different levels of support depending on how motivated or disciplined you feel or how challenging your goals are.

1-1 Coaching


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4 Week Plan

This is the perfect programme to get you on the right path to your health and weight loss goals if you are feeling motivated and ready to take on change.  You will learn how what you eat can affect your overall health including energy, weight, stress, sleep, digestion. 

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8 Week Plan

This programme brings you to the next level of reaching your health goals and is suitable for clients who need extra time and support to put changes in place.  You will receive additional motivational coaching and accountability and begin to feel the real effects of positive change.


12 Week Plan

This is my most comprehensive programme that will see you achieve your optimum health. This is suitable for clients who know they need to receive more support and dedicated time from me to achieve lasting results or maybe you have extra barriers to overcome before change takes place.



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Consultations in your own home or office

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Out of



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supermarket tour & reading food labels

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Healthy energised employees create a positive productive work environment

Your employees are the infrastructure and framework that keeps your business operating, look after them today and build a more productive and successful future for tomorrow.  I work with companies to design and deliver face to face or online nutrition and lifestyle workshops and programmes that are a best fit for their business and the challenges they face.  My approach is to provide your employees with the tools they need to make lasting improvements to their health and wellbeing.